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Here are a few of my favorite links:

I will try to update is as much as possible.
I wanted to thank you for checking out my web site. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Thanks again

TByrne Motorsports

Paul Barry Motorsports
Brent Franker Web Site F-Body Install and Fix-It Guides
Musclecar Technologies

Vigilante Stall ConverterThe most obvious difference between a Vigilante and the stock converter is the overall diameter of the stock piece (12.5 inches) compare with the Vigilante (9.5 inches). the Vigilante's smaller size allows engine stall to be increased without losing the efficiency of the converter. By placing the 350 LT1 in the powerband from the start and at every shift thereafter, it actually increases the efficiency of the already potent LT1. Camaros have lowered their e.t. by more than 0.5 second and their 60-foot times by more the 0.2 second by just changing to the Vigilante converter.
Cam sound filesA great place to here differant cams.
Scanmaster Some great info about the scanmaster.
F-Body.org This is a great place to find out info on F-Bodies.
WS6.com This site has a lot of helpfull info on it.
Tealnet.com Mustangs & F-Bodies Message board
CamaroZ28 Message Board Another great place to find out info about F-Bodies.
Marc's Blown Z Marc has some cool dyno mpg's on his site.